Pyroclastic Flow Journal of Geology is an Open Access, independently edited journal and which aims to disseminate and divulgate the recent and original scientific papers on Geology and Volcanology. Its official language is Spanish, although works are also accepted in English. It is dedicated to the findings and research conducted in Latin American territory, specially by young/ emerging researchers.

With regard to research, the following matters are of special interest to our journal:

Physical volcanology, tephrochronology, volcanic stratigraphy, characterization of volcanic products and volcanic deposits, dynamics and eruptive mechanims, volcanic evolution, chronology and development of eruptive cycles, volcanic seismology, interaction of volcanic (and / or its products) activity with the environment and society, site of volcanic systems, zoning of volcanic hazards, volcanic hazard mitigation, numerical modeling tools for volcanic processes, remote sensing for the study of volcanic dynamics, hydrology of volcanic aquifers, others.

Also, they we are interested on processes that constitutes geological hazard, such as mass movements, tsunamis, mudflows, earthquakes, etc.


Manuscripts will be accepted in English and Spanish. Both must include a title, summary (abstract) and keywords (keywords) in the other language.



Download the format for authors in pdf

Download the format for authors (word)

- The article will be headed by a title which contains the main ideas of the whole text. Also, below the title, a translation will be included (if the article's language is English, please provide a Spanish translation).

- Two abstract (abstract and resumen), each one of 200 words length will be included in both native and opposite language.

- A total number of 4 keywords are listed below the abstract / resumen.  

- The introduction will be headed by a title

- The article must finish with both Conclusion and Discussion. After that, references will be listed. Also, you can include an Acknowledgements section.

- While there is not a limit for Figure/Table number, all of them will be located at their respective locations along the text, being mentioned and explained by foot text.


Article format:
The manuscript is written on letter size paper, with spacing of 3 cm on each side and 2.5 cm above and below. All paragraphs of text will be written in Times New Roman 12 point, single spaced, justified text in a single column. Each new division will be headed by their respective title in Times New Roman 12 points, bold capitals. No section numbering lead. Citations in the text can be made directly mentioning the author, so these phrases shall be made as follows:
"According to the concepts developed by Francis and Oppenheimer (2004) ..."
or in parentheses: "These concepts (Francis and Oppenheimer, 2004) ...

Whenever the case of more than two authors, citations should include et al. using italics. If you want to cite several works for the same idea, it should be in chronological order, from the oldest to the newest references. When the same authors exist in two or more papers during the same year, the year must be accompanied by a letter. For example: "Baez et al (2015a; 2015b).". All sources mentioned in the text must be properly cited in the reference section at the end of the text.
Figures and tables should be mentioned in the text in successive order. Figures mention should be abbreviated and accompanied by the respective figure number. For example: "Fig.4". As for the tables, it should be mentioned as "Table 1" for example.

If required mathematical procedures using equations explained in the text they will be referred to as "Equation 1", for example. The use of "insert equation" available in Word for writing is preferred, however, you can do it using Cambria Math font to 10 points.
Fig. 1: Foot Figure 1 (Times New Roman 8 points, centered). Table standing in Times New Roman 8 points. Centered.

Table 1: Table 1 foot (Times New Roman 8 points, centered). Table Example accepted by the journal. There are no regulations regarding the number of rows and columns that can be added, however, should take into account that it will be written at Times New Roman 10 points. The table should be contained in the space of a flat, either vertically or horizontally.
References (Times New Roman 12 pts., Bold).

All are written with Times New Roman 8 points. The first line indent will be 0.5 cm to the right of the left margin of the page, while the hanging indent or second order will be 1 cm to the right of the left margin. All references will be justified.

  • BOOKS:
    Surname, first name initials. Year. Title. Editorial, number of pages.

Araya, O., 2015. Erupciones volcánicas. Efectos sobre la ganadería. Ediciones Universidad Austral de Chile, 135 pp.

Francis, P. y Oppenheimer, C., 2004, Volcanoes, Oxford University Press, 521pp


    Surname, first name initials. Year. Title. In: Editor (s) of the book (Ed (s).), Book title. Editorial, City, range of pages.

Houghton, B.F., Wilson, C.J.N., Pyle, D.M., 2000. Pyroclastic fall deposits. In: Sigurdsson, H. (Ed.), Encyclopaedia of Volcanoes. Academic Press, San Diego, CA, pp. 555-570

Montero López, M.C., Hongn, F.D., Seggiaro, R., Marrett, R., y Ratto, N., 2009. Relación entre el volcanismo y los registros arqueológicos en el bolsón de Fiambalá, en Ratto, N (Ed.), Entrelazando ciencias, sociedad y ambiente antes de la conquista española. Editorial Eudeba, Buenos Aires, 131-156


    Surname, first name initials. Year. Title. Journal, volume (issue): page range.

Báez, W., Arnosio, M., Chiodi, A., Ortiz Yañes, A., Viramonte, J.G., Bustos, E., Giordano, G. y López, J. F., 2015. Estratigrafía y evolución del Complejo Volcánico Cerro Blanco, Puna Austral, Argentina. Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Geológicas,32 (1): 29-49.

Fukashi M., Setsuya N., Masashi N., and Tomofumi K., 2011. Ballistic ejecta and eruption condition of the vulcanian explosion of Shinmoedake volcano, Kyushu, Japan on 1 February, 2011. Earth Planets Space. 65: 609–621.

Nairn, I.A. y Self, S., 1978. Explosive eruptions and pyroclastic avalanches from Ngaurahoe in February 1975. J Volcanol Geotherm Res 3:39–60.


    Surname, first name initials. Year. (Unpublished) Title. Document type, University.

Bustamante, O., 2013. (Inédito) Dispersión de tefra de erupciones explosivas holocenas del Complejo Volcánico Lonquimay, Región de la Araucanía, Chile. Memoria para optar al título de Geólogo, Universidad de Chile.



Surname, first name initials. Year. Title. Conference, page range, city, country.

Troncoso L., Le Pennec J-L., Jaya, D., Valle A., Mothes P., Arrais, S. 2006. Depósitos de caída de ceniza producidos durante las erupciones del volcán Tungurahua, 14 de julio y 16 de agosto de 2006. 6tas Jornadas en Ciencias de la Tierra of the Escuela Politécnica Nacional, 181-184, Quito, Ecuador.


Statement of originality:

The author/s must also attach a statement of originality, saying that the text is from its/ their full authorship and it has not been submitted for publication simultaneously to another journal and also, all the photographs have been duly authorized by their respective authors. On the other hand, must include all ideas and / or texts from other sources are properly cited. All this can be manifested when sending the article via email.


Publication fees:

Submission of manuscripts, publication and access needs not a payment. This is a free service.

How to submit my article:

Submission of manuscripts will be made via email to Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. or Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

From 2015 up to present, authors are asked to suggest names of two referees. 

Acceptance of manuscripts:

We will only accept manuscripts that meet all the basic conditions mentioned here, in addition to being reviewed by two peers who will decide the publication of the manuscript. A first editorial decision can be notified within  6 weeks after the submission. 

The manuscript can be accepted, accepted with modifications or rejected. In the case that your manuscript is accepted with modifications, you are prompted to make the necessary changes for publication.

At the time he accepted an article, the author will be notified via email. Subsequently will be attached a PDF version.


The original papers published in this online journal are property of Pyroclastic Flow, thus it is mandatory to cite the origin of any partial or total reproduction. All the contents are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC-BY 3.0). Please find more information about in the next link and legal code.


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