Pyroclastic Flow Journal of Geology (e-ISSN 0719-0565) is an Open Access journal, independently edited under the tutelar responsability of Volcanes Sin Fronteras Non-Governmental Organization. It aims to disseminate and divulgate the recent and original scientific papers on Geology and Volcanology. Its official language is Spanish, although works are also accepted in English. It is dedicated to the findings and research conducted in Latin American territory, specially by young/ emerging researchers.

With regard to research, the following matters are of special interest to our journal:

Physical volcanology, tephrochronology, volcanic stratigraphy, characterization of volcanic products and volcanic deposits, dynamics and eruptive mechanims, volcanic evolution, chronology and development of eruptive cycles, volcanic seismology, interaction of volcanic (and / or its products) activity with the environment and society, site of volcanic systems, zoning of volcanic hazards, volcanic hazard mitigation, numerical modeling tools for volcanic processes, remote sensing for the study of volcanic dynamics, hydrology of volcanic aquifers, others.

Also, contributions on processes that constitutes geological hazard, such as mass movements, tsunamis, mudflows, earthquakes, etc.  are of special interest for the journal.

Vol. 10, no. 1 (2020)

The Bunder lamproites cluster (India): tectonics, lithospheric mantle and environment -a review By Presser & Kumar

Vol. 9, no. 1 (2019)

Malvinas Islands (Falkland Islands): Advances in the inferred buried marine impact mega-structure By Presser et al.

Manifestaciones Volcánicas de la Provincia Alcalina de Asunción en la Urbanización Surubi´i. Departamento Central – Paraguay. By Gadea et al.

El lamprófido picrítico con diamantes Ymi-1 By Presser, J.L.B.

Sismogénesis, parámetros sísmicos y modelo de atenuación del terremoto de Los Chillos del 9 de agosto de 1938, Ecuador By Moposita et al.

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